My work... so far!

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RipLB is a grassroots community organization I founded in February 2014 to combat the heroin epidemic and tragic trend of suicides that were happening in my hometown of Long Beach, NY. It hit a nerve in the community - lots of us felt the same way - and many people came together to help. Our goal now, is the same as it was then: connect people who need help with resources that can help them​. Check out RipLB's blog!

Kat Thomas Law Firm - the site!

Kat Thomas is a NYC-based attorney who represents victims of gender-based violence. Check out her incredible work (on the site I built) here

Jon Lebowitz's killer site

Jon Lebowitz is a jack-of-all-trades... AND master of a few, too. Currently he's head of social media for NYC's Jake's Dilemma, where he also bartends and serves as manager. While I know he is exceptional, you might think that I'm biased since he's my brother - so you don't have to take my word for it! Go visit him at Jake's and see for yourself! 

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